Saving and Investing Money is Fun

Many people think that saving money and investing it is hard. They feel that saving is on the opposite spectrum of fun and that it involves scrimping, denying yourself, and harsh self-discipline. Saving does involve self-discipline and can be difficult at times (especially for those who are less-inclined to do it and for those who are new to building wealth), but like many difficult things, it can be very rewarding and even very fun.

I love saving money and seeing my accounts grow. When I earn money, I plan to put a portion of that money into a savings account or into my investment portfolio. It might be that I am a natural saver and that I have a general propensity to save (due to early experiences or due to genetics), but I love spending too. I enjoy nice experiences and nice things and my friends and family know me as a very generous and giving person (of course I am able to be very generous because I am a conscientious and diligent saver).

I love everything that has to do with saving money and building wealth. I enjoy picking investments or screening mutual funds or ETFs. I love seeing my balances grow and monitoring my investments. I love the security that comes with seeing my wealth increase and how it allows me to be a better friend, better family member, and better person overall. I love how saving is fun to do on its own and how it allows me to have a much more enjoyable life.

I don’t view saving as self-denial because I understand that some expenses don’t happen every month. I know that some expenses occur every year, every five years, or once in a lifetime. I know that when I save I am allowing my future self to bear those expenses calmly and easily. I know that when I save I am acting as a mature adult and demonstrating an important characteristic that sets humans apart from other animals: planning for the future.

If you don’t view saving the way I view it, that’s fine. You should still do it anyway because that is what a responsible adult does. However, I believe that if you stick to it long enough and see some success with it, you will feel similar to the way I feel about saving.

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