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Why Pennies and Pounds?


Pennies are the small stuff – those little details. As the old saying goes, “don’t sweat the small stuff.” But we often do sweat the small stuff. We often sweat the pennies at the expense of the pounds. But should we not be concerned about the pennies at all? After all, if you save enough pennies, you’ll have a pound.


Pounds are the big stuff. Have you heard of the idiom “penny-wise but pound-sterling foolish?” That’s a good saying. It helps us remember that one big thing can be more important than a lot of little things. Remember what’s important. We need to remember to focus on those few things that give you the most results. Don’t waste your precious time picking up pennies when you can pick up a pound just a little farther down your path. Have you heard of the Pareto (80-20) Principle? It’s quite useful and illuminating.

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What’s Pennies and Pounds About?

Pennies and Pounds is here to improve your financial and professional (and even personal) life by delivering exceptional content that is both entertaining and informative. We know there are tons of blogs and website on the internet today and everyone is vying for your attention. We hope to earn some of your valuable time and attention by consistently delivering pieces of work that inspire and delight in addition to providing useful information. Pennies and Pounds isn’t just about one topic, but covers a broad range of things related to your financial and professional well-being.

About the Founder

I created Pennies and Pounds to help you learn and become better and potentially help myself should this website become popular. I hope it does. Please subscribe to the Pennies and Pounds email list above as that’s the best way for me to update you with fresh content once in a while. Here’s a bit more about my background:

  • Education: BA in Economics; MS in Financial Engineering
  • Investing since I was 17 years old
  • Was a staff writer for a medium-sized on-campus newspaper on finance-related topics during undergraduate studies
  • Worked in a variety of places – from a tiny business where I wore many hats to a multinational bank